Many Board Positions Held by Guillermo Perales

With a master’s degree in business administration and a natural talent for growing his business, the advice Guillermo Perales had to offer on matters of business was counted on among those who knew of him and his success. In just 15 years, Guillermo Perales started out as an entrepreneur and grew to be the largest Latino franchisee in the United States.

With the experience and know-how, Guillermo Perales was invited to serve on many different community and business boards. He has held about 18 different positions including: President of the BK Hispanic Franchise Association and board member positions of the: BBVA Compass Bank Advisory board, Southwestern Medical Foundation Trustees, National Association Management Group, National Franchisee Association, and more.

Some of his board positions have been for education, the food industry, schools, the Latino/Hispanic community, and local boards such as the Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce. Many different boards have benefitted from Guillermo Perales and his skills as a natural leader and businessman.

The positions of success, responsibility, and authority have done little to change the caring nature of Guillermo Perales. He stays committed to community no matter how many new businesses he owns and operates. It was Guillermo Perales’s personal belief that a thriving business should build upon a strong community. Without the community, no business would survive. So Guillermo Perales co-founded Latin American/DFW Fund to raise money for Latino-targeted programs. The programs were designed to support education and encourage Latino student to see their education through.

Guillermo Perales knows without his education, he would not be the successful entrepreneur and franchise owner he is. So he set out to encourage and reward students for staying in school. Guillermo Perales created a Certificate of Achievement Award program for students that adhere to the program and don’t give up on their education.


MBA Completed at Texas A&M University by Guillermo Perales

Education is important and no one knows that better than Guillermo Perales. Before Guillermo Perales ever became a successful entrepreneur, he attended school; first in Mexico and then in the United States. In both schools, Guillermo Perales worked hard to perform the best he could as a clear statement of how he would later manage the rest of his career.

Guillermo Perales moved to Texas from Mexico. He attended Texas A&M University where he studied business. He earned his MBA before he started his own business. Guillermo Perales was always determined to create a successful business for himself and he did so when he created Sun Holdings in 1997.

Guillermo Perales grew his business by buying various restaurant and fast food franchises. In 15 years, Guillermo Perales developed a successful business strategy that allowed him to own and operate 400 restaurant and fast food stores. All the while, Guillermo Perales remained hopeful Latino students would recognize they too had the power to become successful business leaders.

Guillermo Perales does not ask Hispanic student to go into business; he does ask them to remain faithful to their education. Too many students give up on their education and Guillermo Perales has worked hard to end the cycle. He co-founded the Latin American/ DFW Fund to raise money for programs specifically targeting Latino children and providing incentives for them to remain in school.

Guillermo Perales cannot sit and talk to each student about his own education and his success as a business owner, but he can help encourage students to finish their school by funding programs. Creating the program was Guillermo Perales’s way of supporting the large Latino community in the Dallas area. He knows the value of education and encourages students to see its value too.

Guillermo Perales Operates Many Fast Food Franchises

Guillermo Perales is an entrepreneur. Instead of buying a vacant building and creating his own restaurant, he opted for buying and improving the operations of pre-existing franchises. After Guillermo Perales completed his MBA in Texas, he founded Sun Holdings. For 15 years, Guillermo Perales adhered to his successful business strategy.

Since Sun Holdings was founded, it grew by an annual rate of around 50%. Guillermo Perales was proud of the success his business. By 2005, Guillermo Perales started to get recognized for his work and his success. Tied to the Hispanic and Latino community, many of his awards and recognitions were tied to his success as a Hispanic business owner.

In 2005, Guillermo Perales’s Sun Holdings was ranked top in job growth and the fastest growing Hispanic-owned company. It was a recognition he had received in previous years too. In 2005, he was the owner of the 29th largest Hispanic company in the United States. From 2002 to 2005, Guillermo Perales’s company had been named one of the top 10 fastest growing companies by the Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business.

Years before in 1999, Guillermo Perales started to acquire Popeye’s and Burger King franchises to diversify his business portfolio. Between 2011 and 2012, Guillermo Perales’s portfolio of fast food and restaurant franchises exploded from 250 to 400. The franchises owned and operated under Guillermo Perales range in states from Texas to Florida.

Many of the recognitions and rewards earned by Guillermo Perales have been for his achievements as a Latino or minority business leader. But some have been specifically given to Guillermo Perales for his success as a franchise owner. In 2003, 2004, and 2006, he was voted Popeye’s Developer of the Year. In 2008, Guillermo Perales was listed 25th on the Restaurant Finance Monitor where he was ranked 57th in 2005.

Guillermo Perales is Remarkable Entrepreneur

Not every businessman succeeds the first time they start a business. However, owning and operating your own business is part of the American Dream. Guillermo Perales believed in that dream when he moved from Mexico to the United States. As a graduate student, he studied business in Texas and completed his master’s degree in Business Administration.

Shortly afterward, Guillermo Perales founded his own company. It was in 1997 that he created Sun Holdings, LLC. He has been the CEO of the company ever since. By 1999, Guillermo Perales believed it was in his company’s best interest to expand the portfolio. He began to purchase Popeye’s and Burger King franchises. This kicked off a whole new direction for business entrepreneur Guillermo Perales.

As a business professional, Guillermo Perales has received awards and recognitions for his success as a minority business owner. He has received awards and been name a leader among Hispanic business owners. His work in business led him to participate in various board memberships in business, health, education, and finance.

Guillermo Perales knows much of his current success was started in 1999 when he bought into franchise locations. He continued to do so and is now the largest Hispanic franchise owner in the United States. In 2008 and 2009, he was recognized by Area Developers as one of America’s top franchisees.

Some of the best awards Guillermo Perales received came in 2011 and 2012. In 2011, he was awarded with the Hispanic Business Man of the Year Award by the Texas Association of Mexican American Chamber of Commerce. In 2012, Guillermo Perales was awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Latino Hotel and Restaurant Association and featured in Latino Leaders magazine as one of the most influential Latinos in the United States.

Guillermo Perales has many Awards

For 15 years, Guillermo Perales diligently led his company with the firm foundation he laid out for himself as an entrepreneur. His business development strategy has been honed and re-examined each year to make sure his company is still managed and guided in the way he wants it to be. It was in 1997 that Guillermo Perales took the leap of faith to work for himself.

The confidence to start his own business was born out of Guillermo Perales’s educational background studying to be a CPA and his degree in business administration. To expand his company, he started to purchase restaurants and fast food franchises in 1999.

By 2005, Guillermo Perales was noticed in his community; his company was accredited as the largest Hispanic company in the Dallas, Fort Worth area, he became a finalist for Hispanic Business magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year, and was recognized by the City of Dallas for the positive impact his Golden Corral restaurant had on the local economy.

In 2006, Guillermo Perales was awarded with the North Texas Regional Certification Agency for Outstanding Business Excellence. In 2007, he was awarded the Minority Business Council Award by the DFW Minority Business Council and from 2006 to 2009, was named one of the “Most Influential Leaders in the Latino Community” by Latino Leaders.

Guillermo Perales was named one of American’s top franchisees in 2008 and 2009 while also ranking as 2008’s third fastest-growing Hispanic-owned enterprise according to the Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. In 2008, Guillermo Perales was awarded the Minority Business Leader of the Year by Dallas Business Journal and named Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young.  As recently as 2012, Guillermo Perales was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Latino Hotel and Restaurant Association and listed as one of the top influential Latinos in the United States.