Guillermo Perales a Community Leader

Guillermo Perales is all about serving his community. Having grown his franchising business from a single location financed by a small business loan in 1997 into the largest Latino-owned franchisee in the country, Guillermo Perales has all along kept sight of what got him there – the people in the communities he serves. As a matter of fact, he is among the 10 largest operators in the USA. Never losing sight of this has made Guillermo Perales the success that he is today, and he continues to give back to the community in every way possible. Guillermo Perales is the President and CEO of Sun Holdings LLC.

Guillermo Perales’s franchises have created over 10,000 jobs for unskilled workers in the region, a fact of which he is understandably quite proud. In addition, the company’s restaurants serve over 50,000,000 meals per year, including 50,000 free meals to United States veterans on Veteran’s Day. Guillermo Perales’s company distributes meal vouchers to underprivileged children to the tune of nearly five million free meals per year. Additionally, Burger King recently awarded 100 scholarships to top students in need of financial support.

Proud of his heritage, Guillermo Perales has also set up funds for Latin American based programs and initiatives in and around Dallas/Fort Worth. In addition, Guillermo Perales provides funding for Latino educational programs and provides incentives for Latino children to stay in school through a Certificate of Achievement awards program.

Giving back to the community is not an afterthought for Guillermo Perales; it is an integral part of his company’s operations. Guillermo Perales believes deeply that a business cannot thrive without fostering improvements and aid for those within its communities who need it. That is why Guillermo Perales does everything he can to help the community.