Guillermo Perales – Prestigious Business Organizations

Guillermo Perales has been building a restaurant empire since he opened his first restaurant, Golden Corral, in 1997. Originally from Mexico, he immigrated to the United States of America in order to pursue his dream of becoming a successful business entrepreneur. After receiving his Master’s degree in business administration from the prestigious institution, Texas A&M, he knew it was time to make his mark on the restaurant industry. After opening his first Golden Corral, Guillermo founded Sun Holdings, Inc in order to facilitate his future restaurant ventures. Since its founding, the company has seen an annual growth rate of 50 percent on average while maintaining a vast portfolio consisting of more than 400 restaurants across four states. Being the President and Chief Executive Officer of Sun Holdings, Inc, Guillermo has been publicly recognized for his hard work and outstanding achievements. In the year of 2008 alone, he was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Ernst and Young, the Celebration of Diversity Award by Ernst and Young, and he was recognized by the Dallas Business Journal by being awarded the Minority Business Leader Award. He has become the largest Latino franchise operator in the United States.

Being an immensely successful business entrepreneur within the restaurant franchisee industry, Guillermo Perales has opened the door for himself to become a part of influential business organizations in his community as well as the country. He is currently a member of the Southwestern Medical Foundation as a trustee, the National Franchise Association as a board member, the Southern Methodist University 21st Century Council as a board member, the Latino Hotel and Restaurant Association as a board member, the Burger King Diversity Advisory Board, and many more. Guillermo Perales has become an influential leader among his community in the Southwest and continues to have an impact through is various associations.



Guillermo Perales: Sun Holdings, Inc and the Restaurant Industry

Guillermo Perales has become known as one of the largest restaurant franchise owners in the United States of America. He has the drive, determination, and skill to operate more than 400 restaurants successfully across four states as the President and Chief Executive Officer for Sun Holdings, Inc. He has been publicly recognized for his work in the restaurant industry, as well as his overall leadership within his community. In 2014 alone, he was awarded the Empire Builder Award from the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Multi Unit Franchisee Magazine ranked him seventh Multi Unit Brand, and the Dallas Business Journal ranked him first Largest North Texas Hispanic Owned Business and Largest North Texas Minority Owned Business. He is currently a member of numerous prestigious organizations including the Southwestern Medical Foundation, Greenhill School Board, National Franchise Association, International Hispanic Franchise Association, and the National Association Management Group. Since his immigration to the United States, Guillermo has become of the most recognized franchise operators in the country. Since 1997, he has produced an annual growth rate of 50 percent for his company and quickly turned himself into the largest Latino franchise owner in the United States.

In an industry that is difficult to find success, Guillermo Perales continues to build on his already successful career as a restaurant entrepreneur. Through an immense amount of hard work and determination, he built Sun Holdings, Inc from the ground up starting with only a single Golden Corral restaurant. Since its founding, not only has Sun Holdings, Inc become immensely successful, but it has given Guillermo Perales the ability to be a leader for his community. He cares deeply about the education opportunities that children have, and his success has opened the door to the philanthropic realm. He is well known as a Latino Leader for his community and Hispanic people all around the country. In 2013, Sun Holdings was listed 8th on the 200 ranking of largest restaurant franchisees published by Franchise Time.