Sun Holdings, Inc.

Sun Holdings, Inc., is the 8th largest Franchise owner in the United States. In total, Sun Holdings owns and operates 188 Burger Kings, 96 Popeye’s, 44 Arby’s, 22 Golden Corrals, 43 Cici’s Pizza, 10 Krispy Kreme locations, and 8 restaurants in different airports. Their operations have created 12,000 local jobs, and they plan to continue to grow. They also have 42 T-Mobile stores in their portfolio. Sun Holdings, Inc., was founded in 1997 by now President and CEO Guillermo Perales. Mr. Perales immigrated to the United States and enrolled in Texas A&M where he received a Masters Degree in Business Administration. Since the company’s inception, Sun Holdings, Inc. has grown annually at an astounding rate of 50 percent. They are still growing today. Between the years 2001 and 2005 the company experienced a 400 percent employment gain was one of the fastest growing companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth. This employment gain during this period made Sun Holdings, Inc. the number Hispanic minority employer in Dallas and the fastest growing Hispanic-owned company in the United States. Besides making gains and providing employment to the local Hispanic community, they also provide service to the community. In 2014, their Golden Corral franchises served 15,000 free meals to veterans, and all of their franchises combined serve over 4 million free meals to children. Sun Holdings, Inc. plans to continue to grow and expand, providing employment opportunities in their community, boosting the local economy, and taking part in community service projects.