Guillermo Perales – How to Succeed in the Restaurant Industry

Guillermo Perales is the President and CEO of Sun Holdings, Inc., a leading franchisee company. Several of his franchises are in the restaurant industry. He began his career in this industry by purchasing the rights to a Golden Corral restaurant franchise. As he learned more about the franchise business and the restaurant industry, he purchased more restaurant franchises. The restaurant business is a great industry to begin a career in. Getting into the restaurant industry requires prior experience, an education in business or hospitality, and a strong work ethic. These three traits will help you begin a career and succeed in this industry.

In order to run a restaurant, it is important to know how a restaurant operates. Restaurants thrive on a delicate balance of customers, servers, chefs, and managers. Each of these components are dependent on one another, and if one fails, then the entire operation is at risk. A restaurant’s success is based on the number of customers it has, and the satisfaction of those customers. The customer’s satisfaction is based on the friendliness and helpfulness of the server and the skill of the chef. If a customer feels that their server was rude, or that the food was not up to par, then they will not return to the restaurant. In order to create the best experience for a customer, the servers and the chefs need to be able to communicate with each other and work well with one another. This balance comes directly from the manager who staffs and runs the restaurant. If the manager lacks leadership skills, then the rest of the components will crumble.

The restaurant business is not just a matter of staffing a skilled chef. An education in business or hospitality are essential. This education will help you run your business. It will give you the skills you need to handle the business’s finances, payroll, hiring process, and you will learn how to properly stock a restaurant. Each of these aspects are essential to running a restaurant. It does not matter how good the food is if you cannot pay the electric bill or the employees. An education in one of these field will give you the tools you need, and the skills to guide your restaurant to success.

The restaurant industry is difficult on all levels. The servers are on their feet all day dealing with potentially difficult customers. Chefs work to prepare dishes to the customers’ specifications. Manager deal with absent employees, rushes, and disgruntled customers. Owners deal with the rise and fall of profits, and the risks of owning a restaurant. This industry requires a strong work ethic. It takes hours of labor and often involves a lot of stress. However the benefits of running a successful restaurant make up for all of the difficulties. Guillermo Perales owns several restaurant franchises and understands the difficulty of the restaurant business.