How Guillermo Perales Eats Healthy on the Go

Guillermo Perales is a busy entrepreneur who spends a lot of time on the go. He owns hundreds of fast food franchises, so he spends much of his day checking in on the franchises or meeting with individual restaurant managers. With his busy meeting schedule, he is usually looking for an affordable, quick option. Guillermo often grabs a quick lunch at one of his Burger King, Arby’s, or Popeye’s franchises.

While fast food can have a bad reputation, Guillermo Perales is able to eat healthy on the move. He says, “the secret is the look at the menu carefully.” Guillermo familiarizes himself with the nutrition information on the menus of his restaurants so that he knows which menu items are the healthiest. His restaurant managers also make sure that all their staff members are familiar with the nutrition information on the menus so that they can advise customers who are looking for healthy fast meals.

Guillermo Perales usually sticks to salads, soups, and other light items when eating on the go. Now, many fast food restaurants offer healthy substitutions like carrots or apples instead of more traditional, less healthy, sides like French fries. Guillermo also uses condiments sparingly so that he does not add too many calories to his meals.

For Guillermo, eating on the go can be both healthy and delicious. For him, it is important that each of his franchises have healthy options on the menus. Guillermo knows that many of his staff eat meals at their restaurants, and that children and community members rely on their nutrition information to help pick meals. He has partnered with the national chains for several of his franchises to ensure that his franchises are giving customers all the nutrition information, and the widest range of health food options, that they can.